Monday, October 27, 2008

End of an Era

The quilt shop where I've worked for 5+ years, Threads of Time, is officially closed. I worked for 3 different owners! Its kind of sad, because I'll miss my friends! These are some of my favorite memories!
Cris: Ordering lunch from Applebee's. When she picked up the food, the order was all wrong. So, sticking up for herself, she called the manager and complained. The manager offered to deliver the right order, and threw in a couple of desserts, too! Only after the manager had left did Cris realize that she had called the Layton Applebee's when ordering, and picked up at the Bountiful Applebee's!
Cris: (again) Sticking her Harry Potter wand up her nose (Ewww!) When we told Paul to be careful because we didn't know which one it was, he licked it and said, "Nope! Not this one!" (Double Ewww!)
Cris: (yet, again!) Anonymously calling on the phone and asking if we had a beige fabric with small beige flowers, and kind of a beige background.
Mary: Doing ballet moves, or figure skating! Also, we would imitate what our children would do if we threatened to spank them (even though we never did!)
Mary: (again) "Why do you ever doubt me?" I don't know why, because she was never wrong!
Late night sewing... About 11:30, Janice would start laughing uncontrollably, for no apparent reason! Then we could go to bed.
Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. (Gee, I wonder why I gained 10 pounds working there?)
Classes, and learning from each other and just sewing for fun.
Tons of regular customers who became friends. Customers who couldn't leave fast enough! Crazy shop hops, open houses and block of the months.
Laughs. Lots and lots and LOTS of laughs!
I'll miss you, my friends! It was fun!

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