Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Its Real!

I got 2 boxes full of my books yesterday. So, I guess they're real! I haven't actually seen one on a quilt store shelf yet, but that's the next reality check.
I'm having a book signing "meet and greet" event on January 10 at Quilter's Haven. I'm rather excited, actually! (Unless no one shows up. Oh, great. Now I've got something else to worry about!)
They were printed in China, which I found quite amusing! They've already been a long way!
The last of my "babies" (quilts) were also sent back to me from Martingale. I've missed them! They've been gone over a year! I was happy to see them again.
Check this out, too. My book is on the newly released page of Martingale.

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Michelle said...

Woah, you have an ISBN# and everything, YOU have made it girl!! :) Congrats again.