Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Editing fun!

A lot of people ask me what's happening with my book. Well... nothing! Or, maybe a lot, I don't really know! The publisher (Martingale) has it at the moment. I've gone through 2 rounds of editing, which is quite interesting. After I sent the manuscript in, they sent back the first edited version, which didn't even resemble the original manuscript. I didn't know whether to be grateful, or offended! I decided to be grateful for great editors that know how to make the instructions understandable. 
The next round had the illustrations and pictures all in place. It was a bit more exciting, because it is what the book will look like. The illustrators are terrific! Only... they had one whole quilt's worth of illustrations backwards, so that it didn't work in the end. I guess that's why they have editing! 
I sent it (corrected) to the technical editor, and now its back in "publishing unknown land" again.
What a learning process!

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