Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fame! (I wanna live forever!)

So, my friend Valerie called me (she's my "fame-pointer-outer".) I was mentioned in Annie Smith's podcast! (program 128) She was doing a podcast on Utah quilters, and re-interviewed Jenny Wilding Cardon. (I quilted her quilts for her Little Box of Baby Quilts.) She talked about me at length and about my upcoming book! Jenny's great, and has always been so kind to me when she's been interviewed, etc.
Valerie also had a great interview she had done with Annie at Threads of Time, where I work. She has quite a few patterns out, now, and also told Annie about my book coming out!
"Fame is a fickle thing, Harry."
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Michelle Jamison said...

You really are the coolest! I knew it all along, now the WORLD will know just how amazing you are. My blog is LOVES!!!