Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Contractor woes

So, we have been finishing our basement as a new home for my long-arm machine. (Yes, it has been a 3-year project, and yes, it was supposed to be "temporary" having my machine in the upstairs family room.) We're finally ready for sheet-rock bids, and working with contractors is always a fun prospect!
The guy this morning seemed to need to point everything out that we did wrong, and had to say everything at least 3 times... Low bid? I really hope not!
On the upside, its actually looking like it will be done relatively soon! Yeah! 3-year projects are WAY too long, let me tell you.

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Michelle Jamison said...

I sure hope that things go well with all of that, I really hate construction stuff, it takes way too long to do it yourself, but if you hire someone then it is a ton of money and you are at their mercy hoping they do a good job and will do it in a timely manner. Good luck!! We can have a party to celebrate when it is over.