Saturday, August 2, 2008

13! (Again)

Most people know that I fell last winter and broke my front tooth out. Well, now it looks like the other front tooth will have to come out, too. It doesn't have enough bone behind it, and so the gum has receded, also. I look so adorable with my fake tooth out! Sort of like a pirate or something.
So now I get to return to my childhood, or rather teenage-hood, and get braces on again. This will supposedly bring the bone and gum down farther so that they can do the implants without me looking like Bucktooth Betty. I always loved being 13! I can hardly wait to go through it again!
Ah, my dental woes continue! Maybe I'll have my own "Julia Roberts" smile soon? One could only hope.

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Michelle Jamison said...

I had no idea that you were going to get braces! That kind of stinks, but just think how pretty your million dollar smile will be (you just remind Neil of that when he is paying the bill!)