Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Babies come home!

Yes, some of my babies have come home! (My quilts, in other words.) Martingale still has 4 of my quilts. At least 2 of them are going to quilt market in Houston.
Its funny, because I've sort of forgotten how some of my quilts looked! (They were cute, by the way.) I've missed them, and I'm happy that they've come home. They're happy, too.
As far as I know the release date for my book is December 8. Hopefully I'll get some promotional materials before then to get to some local quilt shops! It still hasn't shown up on Martingale's site, but it does have a section for new releases coming soon, so maybe it will be there soon!

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Michelle Jamison said...

Oh, congrats on the bundle of joys being home again. I am sure they were/are way cute!
I am so happy for you about the release date on your book! I am dying to see it!