Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Teenage Wasteland

I'm finding out that having two teenagers brings twice the "joy"! Although Natalie is technically only 12 1/2, oddly, she still manages to scream at me as if the magical age of 13 had already occurred.
Yesterday I managed to make both of them angry at me. I'm such a mean mother! Natalie screamed at me when I helped her with her homework, and when I didn't help her with her homework. She wasn't speaking to me by the time she went to piano lessons. Adrian was pretty nice until he realized he wouldn't be able to get his "cell phone device" back as soon as he thought he could.
Ah, the joys. By bedtime, all I could do was fall over in a stupor!
Make sure you have good self-esteem before teenagers, because they'll do everything they can to break you down!

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